Behance Comments


  • Comments type – From real and active users
  • Choose for – Projects only
  • Region – US, UK and EU countries
  • Comments source – Random
  • Increase type – Gradual
  • Split Comments – Minimum 25 per project
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What is the advantage of buying Behance comments?

Having hundreds of appreciations and no comments raises suspicion on the credibility of any portfolio. Regardless of the number of your followers, appreciations or views, it is of utmost importance that your projects have people regularly commenting on it. Simply replying to these comments will get you positive validation of future profile visitors. Every comment you get on your work is valuable feedback which can be admiration, inquiry or constructive criticism and that shows to others how deeply people are interested in your work and that your work must be above the ordinary.

How to get Behance comments?

There is no way to ascertain if your followers will stay active and leave comments on your projects. As a part of promoting your own work, It’s a good idea to request your followers to give their feedback on each published project. The fact is that higher ratio of people do not bother writing comments even though they do like your work. The simplest solution for this is to hire our professional services. Our experts know how to entice visitors into writing comments and engaging in captivating chats that will help boost your project strength and visibility.

Why comments are important for getting your project featured on Behance?

Comments are one of the few predominant factors for Behance curators while considering featured projects. If there are no comments on your project it might not be considered to be featured.

What kind of comments will I get?

It depends on if you would like us to add specific or general comments. Generally, the comments are either compliments or inquiry and rarely criticism. You can also send us a list of comments of your choice.

How do you get the users to comment on my project?

We offer them incentive to add comments.

How do i send the comments to be added?

You can reply to the order confirmation email with the list of your comments.

When will the order start?

Once received the order starts usually the same day.

Can i split the comments on multiple projects?

Yes, the comments can be split on multiple projects.

Which country users will the comments come from?

Mostly US and EU countries.

Where do i provide the link?

Please select the package, add it to the cart and provide the link on checkout page. For multiple links please use the Order Details box on checkout page.


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