Would it be safe to buy Spotify playlist listeners?

Monthly listeners directly reflect the popularity of an artist, you might have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of plays on your tracks but if you do not maintain a high count of monthly listeners, it can reflect poorly on your artist profile and users might suspect that you just bought the plays.

What is the difference between listeners and plays?

Listeners and plays are not the same, for example you can get 10 plays from one user but it will show as only one listeners. Whereas to get 10 listener, 10 different users will have to listen to your track.
Plays only increase but monthly listeners can both increase and decrease, depending on how many users are listening to your tracks.

How does monthly listeners cycle work?

Spotify updates the monthly listeners number almost as frequently (within 24-48 hrs) as it updates the plays count but both of these counts do not change at the same time.
Monthly listeners stat simply shows the total number of listeners over the last 30 day period.

When will my monthly listeners start to increase?

Once we receive the order we setup the campaign within 24 hrs and you will start to notice the increase in listener within 96 hrs.

How long will it take to complete the order?

Order completion time can vary depending on the number of listeners ordered, the bigger the number the longer it can take but usually 1000 to 2000 listeners increase can reflect within 2-3 days.

How much increase will i see in the plays?

When we setup a campaign to increase the artist listeners we do not set any cap on number of plays, we keep promoting the track to different users until the ordered number of listeners is reached.

Will i earn royalties through this promotion?

Yes, the plays coming through our listeners campaign are eligible for royalties.